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Three reasons why you should give a try as a tutor!

Experienced tutor

Expert in assessment criteria for specific exams needed

IELTS, Spanish DELE, Chinese gaokao, university entrance exams - all these different exams have specific assessment criteria. The details matter. You'll be able to stand out if you know them.

If you know the assessment criteria of the exams (for language exams, entrance university exams) join us now and we will let you know when there are essay tasks that fit your competencies (writing reviews, writing sample essays).

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Passive income - reviewing and writing essays

Earn passive income as a tutor

Once you've corrected an essay and selected an option that it can be sold in a package (essay+review) and the student also selected this option it may be qualified for sale.

Sale? Yes! Students also learn by studying the mistakes that were corrected and highlighted by tutors on someone else's essay. This way they can instantly see what it takes to achieve a desired grade.

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Digital nomad girl

Flexible job for digital nomads

Are you a digital nomad, living in a different time zone every few months? Have a busy day, not ordinary hours of work?

You've got flexibility, not tied down to a schedule. Make yourself available and wait for the offers or make an offer for a selected essay.

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